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Flannelette bedding is sometimes called Flannel Bedding, Brushed Cotton sheets or Winceyette, but no matter what the name 100% Cotton Flannelette has a lovely, soft, warm feel, ideal in the winter or just for that extra comfort and the quality is determined by the weight in grams of the cloth.

Flannelette bedding can keep you extremely warm in the winter and is so soft-to-touch. Flannelette sheets give you comfort and luxury all in one.

We have two ranges available here

  • Our Luxury Brushed Cotton range is a high quality flannelette 175 grams. This brushed cotton range previously was 160gsm and this new and improved bedding is much thicker and more durable
  • We have our own Exclusive Superior Luxury Flannelette range at 210 grams, which is probably the best luxury flannelette available in the UK which we import direct from Portugal

Whether you are looking for 100% cotton flannelette flat sheets, extra deep brushed cotton fitted sheets, flannel duvet covers, flannelette pillowcases or small double flannelette fitted sheets, you will find exactly what you need here.

Here at The Linen Cupboard, we like to ensure that you get the most comfort and luxury out of our product range. That’s why we offer variety across all sizes of bed linen, including wonderfully soft-to-touch flannelette bedding and flannel sheets in a range of beautiful colours. Whether you’re looking for 100% cotton flannelette sheets, brushed cotton deep flannelette sheets, or 4ft flannelette fitted sheets, you will find exactly what you need here.

Flannelette bedding can keep you extremely warm in the winter and compared to some flannel fabrics, it is lightweight and has a softer feel. Flannelette sheets, also known as flannel sheets, are great for keeping warm in chilly weather and have become very popular choices in the winter.

Beautiful Flannelette Bedding for All Kinds of Weather

Whether you want flannelette sheets for colder months or you just like to keep extra cosy and warm, we have a range of luxurious linen to suit your needs. Our bed linen is available in all bed sizes so you can add extra warmth, comfort and luxury to every bedroom in the house. People choose flannel sheets for all seasons and many of our customers enjoy the comfort of flannelette bedding all year round.

Our wonderfully plush flannelette bedding is lovely and thick so cold winters are no longer a problem, and we can supply sheets and valances to fit all bed sizes. Here you will find bed linen for every bed size, and because we understand just how hard it is to find specialist or global sizing, we cover all varieties of beds so that you don’t have to search elsewhere. Shop at The Linen Cupboard for all your flannel sheets and bedding needs.

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