His & Hers Partner Duvets - Split Tog Duvets

His & Hers Partner Duvets - Split Tog Duvets

A Partner Duvet is basically one duvet with different Tog ratings on each side.

Many couples have different preferences when it comes to deciding how warm a duvet should be. As winter gets closer when is the right time to switch from the medium thickness duvet to the warmer winter duvet. The same thing happens in summer, as the weather warms up one partner is keen to move onto the thinner duvet whilst the other is adamant that they still need the warmer duvet.

If this sounds familiar then perhaps you need a Partner Duvet / Split Tog Duvet.

You can choose from

  • 9 Tog on one side and 4.5 Tog on the other
  • 14 Tog on one side and 7 Tog on the other

Essential Synthetic Duvets

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