Natural Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29"

Natural Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29

Natural Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29"

Natural feather pillows, or down pillows as they are often referred to, are generally considered to be the most luxurious pillows available, offering supreme comfort. Furthermore, the higher the ratio of down to feather, the softer and loftier the pillow will feel. This softness is further decided by the quality of the down, as different types producing varying sizes of down. The region it comes from will dictate the size of the down clusters. The larger the down clusters the better the quality of the down, its loft and its ability to recover. Larger down clusters, such as from Hungarian geese have the ability to trap larger pockets of air creating exceedingly soft and wonderfully plump pillows. 

Feather and down are usually used in combination – feathers are heavier and bulkier; down is soft, light and more importantly lofty. A firmer pillow will contain more feather. Generally duck feather is softer than goose feather. The higher the ratio of down in your pillow will result in loft and softness. 

Goose down is generally better quality than duck down. Back sleepers need a flatter, firmer pillow; look for one that’s mainly feather. Front sleepers need a flatter, softer pillow; so look for a high ratio of down. Side sleepers need height; a pillow with an inner chamber of supportive feathers and outer chambers of fluffy down is ideal.
  • 48 x 74cm (19 x 29")
  • Natural Fillings
  • 100% Pure Cotton Casings

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Essential Natural Standard Size Pillows

Feather fillings offer more firmness and support, whilst Down Fillings have no quills making them extremely light and soft, offering medium-soft support. In addition to choosing between feather and down, you can further choose between Duck – which is slightly heavier weight – and Goose which is ultra light.

Natural Pillows are known for their excellent thermal and breathable qualities, and are a beautiful, comforting addition to your bedroom.

Luxury Natural Standard Size Pillows

Luxuriously soft and comfortable, these luxury pillows feature the highest quality available, for superior warmth that's lightweight and breathable.

This range of luxury naturally filled pillows are now housed in Nomite marked casing: a first for the UK market. The tight weave of the cover fabric ensures no down or feathers can escape, whilst it provides an effective barrier against dust mites.

This means that these ranges are suitable for house-dust-mite-allergy and asthma sufferers. Supported by scientific research, this market leading casing gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the multiple benefits of natural fillings.