Natural Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29"

Natural Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29

Natural Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29"

Natural feather pillows, or down pillows as they are often referred to, are generally considered to be the most luxurious pillows available, offering supreme comfort. Furthermore, the higher the ratio of down to feather, the softer and loftier the pillow will feel. This softness is further decided by the quality of the down, as different types (and ages) of bird produce varying sizes of down.

Larger down clusters, such as from Hungarian geese have the ability to trap larger pockets of air creating exceedingly soft and wonderfully plump pillows. 

All our natural pillows are made from ethically sourced material.
Unfortunately, because of the allergies inherent in down and feathers, natural pillows are not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Natural Standard Size Pillows

Feather fillings offer more firmness and support, whilst Down Fillings have no quills making them extremely light and soft, offering medium-soft support. In addition to choosing between feather and down, you can further choose between Duck – which is slightly heavier weight – and Goose which is ultra light.

Luxury Natural Pillows are known for their excellent thermal and breathable qualities, and are a beautiful, comforting addition to your bedroom.