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Natural Pillows


      Natural Pillows

      All our natural fill pillows are exceptionally breathable. Air passes through the feather and down freely, for a cooler and fresher feeling. Natural pillows offer supreme comfort and support.

      Feathers and down are usually used in combination. Feathers are generally heavier than down making them naturally supportive and an ideal pillow fill. Down is soft, light and more importantly lofty. The higher the ratio of down to feather, the softer and loftier the pillow will feel.

      Larger down clusters such as Hungarian and Siberian have the ability to trap larger pockets of air creating exceedingly soft and wonderfully plump pillows. 

      Natural Pillows. Soft, supportive and durable.

      • Filled with the finest feathers and down ethically sourced
      • Down is the most luxurious filling & feels supremely light & lofty
      • The higher the down, the softer & plumper the pillow
      • The higher the feather percentage, the firmer the pillow will feel
      • Fine feathers have a flatter structure and offer more support
      • Each pillow is encased in high-quality down proof cotton