Earth Friendly Pillows

Earth Friendly Pillows


      Luxury Eco Friendly Pillows - Ethical, Vegan, Sustainable, Recycled. Here at The Linen Cupboard we have been using fabrics and fibres made from recycled materials to make quality fillings and fabrics for many years now. 

      REDUCE – We are continuing to strive towards reusing and recycling packing and providing solutions to reduce single use plastic.

      RECYCLE – We continue to recycle all of our packing and encourage our suppliers to recycle anything they can. We are constantly introducing new recycled products that are sustainable and have a positive impact on the environment. 

      REUSE -75% of post consumer plastic waste is sent to landfill; working closely with key strategic partners we can trace and certify fibres back to the source producing quality fillings and fabrics.

      Earth Friendly Bedding

      We've researched, tested, tried, slept on and gone to great lengths to source more and more Eco options that doesn't Cost the Earth! We completely love finding the pillows that are non-toxic and made without bad chemicals!

      The pillows we list use multiple types of better materials, fabrics and fibers in their creation. These include environmentally friendly options, 100% recycled, and sustainable fibers. Almost all of our pillows now are produced to the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard which ensures this casings, fabrics and filling, meet the human-ecological requirements and is class 1 certified. Pillows that hold this standard are free of any of these chemicals, which is a plus for ourselves and the environment.

      Pillows don’t last forever, so when it’s time to kiss your old pillow goodbye, send it to be recycled and invest in an eco friendly pillow. 

      A Greener, Kinder Way To Hit The Hay

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