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      Kapok Plant Fibre Bedding

      Kapok is our new favourite environmentally friendly fibre. Lightweight, long lasting and completely natural providing the perfect filling for pillows and duvets. Kapok grows in the wild, is non toxic and a great sustainable choice for you and the planet.

      What is Kapok?
      Kapok is a silk like fibre that provides a soft yet supportive fluffy feel. It is lighter than cotton and does not compress as quickly as cotton, wool, or down. Kapok fibre is extracted from the seed pods of the Kapok tree, which grows in tropical rain forests. It is often called silk cotton or plant down which is a great way to describe it.

      Soft, Springy & Sustainable

      Is Kapok a good filling for bedding?
      Kapok is known to have a similar feeling to down. Just like traditional bedding materials, kapok can be fluffed up to maintain its shape over time.

      Kapok is harvested with no damage to the trees.

      COMING SOON 2024

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