side sleeper pillows

Side Sleeper Pillows


      Side Sleeper Pillows

      The best pillows for side sleepers are firm and supportive. They help prevent your neck from taking the weight of your head. The idea is to keep your spine straight to reduce pressure points, so the pillow depth should match the depth of your shoulder.

      There are two ways to do this:

      1. A single firm support pillow for side sleepers will provide the proper elevation for optimal spinal alignment.
      2. Alternatively you could use two medium support pillows together, or try combining one firm pillow with a softer pillow on top, depending on your preferred comfort level.

      It goes without saying that we all come in different shapes and sizes - so take the cues from your body and what feels most comfortable and supportive to you.

      Side sleepers need a specialist pillow...

      When you sleep on your side there is a greater distance between the mattress and your head (compared to people who tend to sleep on their front or back). To ensure that your head is kept straight and the spine correctly aligned this extra space needs to be filled. If it is not, your head will be tilted at a bad angle causing the neck to bend. This will lead to increased pressure on the nerves, muscles and tendons. You may not notice this whilst you are sleeping, but over time aches and pains will become more noticeable throughout the day. 

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