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Oversized Extra Large Pillows


      Big pillows are used more often then you might think. Boutique hotels often use oversized pillows to give a room a more indulgent feel. Oversize Pillows offer a little extra comfort. If your current pillows don't fill their pillowcases, it's time to upgrade. Big Pillows will fill out your pillowcases perfectly giving them that plumped up hotel look.

      Big pillows are best!

      Standard size pillows measure 20 x 30" (50 x 75cm), but sometimes they are just not big enough for generous pillowcases. The answer is an extra large pillow made a little bit bigger (basically 2" longer and 2" wider - 22" x 32" / 56 x 81cm). These are not to be confused with King Pillows (20 x 36")  which we also have, but Oversized Pillows are just cut a little bit larger and overfilled.

      The Best Kept Secret In Hotel Pillows