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      Kingsize Pillows.

      Big beds deserve kingsize pillows...

      If you have a Kingsize bed you definitely need Kingsize pillows! Standard pillows (48 x 74cm) look lost on a Kingsize, Super King or Emperor bed, whereas Kingsize Pillows (20" x 36" / 50 x 90cm) fit perfectly.

      We stock the largest range of Kingsize Pillows and Superking Pillows in the UK. Choose from Supreme Goose Down, Ultimate Feather & Down, and hypoallergenic Luxury Synthetic.

      Also known as Super King Size Pillows, at 3 feet, two of these will fit across a Super King Size Bed which measures 6ft (183cm) wide. In the UK this size pillow has a few different names, including: King Pillows, Kingsize Pillows, Super King Pillows, Superking Size Pillows, Large Pillows, XL Pillows, Extra Wide Pillows, Extra Long Pillows and of course, BIG PILLOWS!

      Go big! View our extensive range of Kingsize Pillows. 

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