European Duvet Sizes

European Duvet Sizes


      European Euro Duvet Sizes

      European duvets are a little different to UK duvet sizes, but we are on hand to explain.

      • UK Single is 135cm x 200cm and a Euro Single is 140 x 200cm
      • UK Small Double is 170 x 220cm and a Euro XL Single is 160 x 220cm
      • UK King is 230 x 220cm and a Euro Queen is 240 x 220cm
      • UK Super King is 260 x 220cm and a Euro King is 260 x 240cm

      Alot of the differences are very small, but if duvets and duvet covers don't fit it can be difficult. Always best to go with what works best for you.

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      A guide to choosing the right fit for your bedding.

      Too big or too small, there is nothing worse than a duvet that doesn't fit your cover. As with all bedding the best way achieve a perfect fit is to measure your duvet and your duvet cover in order to establish what you have and what you need.

      Below is a helpful round-up of the most common duvet sizes, along with a brief description for each. It is best to buy your duvet and duvet cover the same size as even though they
      are described as the exact same measurement the covers are made to fit the duvets.

      Euro Single Duvet

      55" x 78" (140 x 200cm)

      A Euro single duvet, is a versatile bedding option commonly used by children and teenagers, offering them ample coverage and comfort. Widely used in European countries where this size is standard, fitting perfectly with Euro single beds and catering to various sleeping preferences.


       Euro XL Single Duvet

      63" x 86" (160 x 220cm)

      A Euro XL Single duvet is a larger variation of the standard Euro single duvet. This size provides extra width and length, making it ideal for taller individuals or those who prefer more coverage. Offering enhanced comfort and a more generous fit compared to the standard Euro single duvet.

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      Euro Queen Duvet

      94" x 86" (240 x 220cm)

      A Euro queen Duvets are designed to fit Euro queen beds, providing ample coverage and comfort for two people. It offers a luxurious sleeping experience with enough fabric to drape comfortably over the sides of the bed, ensuring warmth and coziness throughout the night.

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      Euro King Duvet

      102" x 94" (260cm x 240cm)

      Euro king duvets are popular in European countries and are ideal for those who prefer a spacious sized duvet for their king-sized bed. The extra width ensures that both sides of the bed are well-covered, providing a luxurious and cozy sleeping experience for two people.

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