Emperor Pillows

Emperor Pillows


      Emperor Pillows - 50 x 100cm (20 x 39")

      Indulge yourself with our Emperor sized pillows. perfect for drifting off into a deep stress free nights sleep. These Emperor sized pillows are perfect for the ones that toss and turn during the night, as you'll be able turn over and not find the end of the pillow helping you escape into a peaceful sleep. You wouldn’t want anything less for your fabulously royal sized emperor bed and you will fall asleep instantaneously. 

      Our Superb Emperor 3ft 3" wide pillows measure 50 x 100cm (20 x 39"). Standard size pillows can look a little bit lost on a 200cm (6ft 6") wide Emperor bed, but the width of these Emperor pillows is 100cm (3ft 3") and two Emperor pillows side by side will fill the width of an Emperor bed 200cm (6ft 6").

      • 3ft 3" Emperor Pillows 50 x 100cm (20 x 39")
      • Two Fill the Width of an Emperor 6ft 6" (200cm)

      We also have Large Emperor 50 x 107cm (20 x 42") pillows, so if your bed is 7ft wide you should take a look at our Large Emperor Pillows.