Duvets - Synthetic, Natural & Special Sizes

Duvets - Synthetic, Natural & Special Sizes

Buy Duvets from The Linen Cupboard and choose from our range of Synthetic, Feather and Down duvets in Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King and Emperor.

Small Double Duvets are great for all bed sizes up to 4ft wide, as Oversized Singles like they do in many European countries.

Emperor or Large Emperor Duvets are the same size and are now a nationally recognised size of duvet for the 6ft 6" & 7ft wide beds.

  • Single Bed Duvet - 54 x 78" (137 x 198cm)
  • Small Double / Oversized Single Duvet - 67 x 86 (170 x 220cm)
  • Double Bed Duvet  - 78 x 78" (200 x 200cm)
  • King Size Duvet - 90 x 86" (229 x 218cm)
  • Super King Duvet - 102 x 86" (260 x 220cm)
  • Emperor / Large Emperor Duvet - 114 x 93" (290 x 235cm)

Luxury 100% Cotton Duvets

These lovely, soft duvets have a great combination of 100% Pure Natural Cotton filling and 100% Cotton Percale 300 thread count casing, allowing for the most comfortable and blissful night's sleep, providing wonderfully weightless insulation.

Luxury Natural Duvets

Choose a natural filling and you'll instantly experience the benefits of using only the finest feather & down duvets or pure down duvets that are not only exceptionally light, soft and breathable but also long lasting.

Our range of luxury natural duvets have been carefully crafted to offer exquisite warmth, breathability, drape and softness to transform your nights sleep.

Luxury Silk Duvets

Super soft and lightweight, these wonderful silk duvets offer luxury for everyone - even allergy sufferers thanks to the mulberry silk filling, which is naturally anti-microbial so it stays free from dust mites.

Silk helps regulate body temperature by drawing air away from our skin to keep us cool in Summer, while also trapping it to keep us warm in Winter.

Small Double Duvets

Here we have available our Small Double duvets 67 x 86" (170 x 220cm), but they could go by so many names, as they are ideal for so many different size beds.

Small Double duvets are 20cm longer than standard Single & Double duvets, so great also for the longer 6ft 6" (200cm) beds and 12" (30cm) wider than single duvets, but 12" (30cm) smaller in width than double duvets.

When a standard Single duvet is too small and a Standard Double duvet is too big, the Small Double duvet is the answer.

Duvet Protectors

We protect our pillows and mattresses, so why not our duvets as well.

These cotton protectors will keep your duvet fresher for longer, avoid the need to wash the duvet and protect against protection against all manner of accidents and spills, including bed-wetting, for total peace of mind.