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Mattress Toppers


      Mattress Toppers

      Mattress Toppers (also referred to as mattress enhancers) are thicker than protectors and lie directly on top of your mattress. They add a layer of comfort which can only be described as bliss.

      Fall in love with your bed.

      A good quality mattress topper will improve any mattress ‚Äď old or new! They enhance the comfort rating and boost the cosiness of your mattress, making it almost cloud-like to sleep on.¬†If you are not ready to replace your existing mattress, a topper could become your new best friend. We love them!

      5 Reasons to use a Mattress Topper

      1. They can be used on old or new mattresses
      2. Mattress Toppers greatly extend the life mattresses
      3. Solution for uncomfortable, lumpy or worn mattresses
      4. Add an extra layer for noticeably improved comfort
      5. Mattress Toppers heighten your level of support

        Choose either Natural or Synthetic Mattress Toppers

        • All our natural filling mattress toppers are ethically sourced. The Oeko-Tex¬ģ trademark ensures the casings, fabrics and filling meet the human-ecological requirements and are class 1 certified.

        • All mattress toppers in our synthetic range incorporate recycled materials. They are exceptionally hard wearing, easy to care for and hypoallergenic. Most importantly, synthetic mattress toppers are very comfortable!