Kingsize / Super King Pillow Protectors

Kingsize | Super King Pillow Protectors


      Super Kingsize Pillow Protectors

      Protect your super king pillow without compromising on comfort. Kingsize pillows have to withstand a lot of wear and tear, so give them the right protection with High Quality Linen Cupboard pillow protectors. Choosing the correct protectors is a vital part of keeping every pillow up to scratch.

      In the UK two super king size pillow protectors fit across a super king size bed which measures 6ft (183cm) wide, but customers do put them onto King Sizes beds and they are more commonly known as Kingsize because of the large king beds in America.

      • Protects Against Spillages and Stains
      • Enhances the Life of your King Pillows
      • Gives Increased Comfort
      • Ideal for Allergy Sufferers
      • All Available as PAIRS
      • (Two King Pillow Protectors)