back sleeper pillows

Back Sleeper Pillows


      Back Sleeper Pillows

      For the best night's sleep, back sleepers should be sleeping with a slightly raised head. Medium support pillows are the best pillows for back sleepers. A pillow with medium support helps prevent undue pressure on your neck without causing your spine to bend lower down.

      Whether you sleep in the Starfish position (on your back with stretched-out arms and legs) or the Soldier position (on your back with arms by your sides), a medium support pillow is what you need.

      If you switch between your front and your back, use two soft support pillows so that you can use them both when you’re on your back and discard one when you’re on your front!

      Great for spine and neck health, back sleeping is one of the most common positions. It is still essential, however, to maintain strong alignment with a medium support pillow made from the right materials and the correct size. 

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