pillow protectors

Pillow Protectors


      Pillow Protectors & Undercases | Quilted, Anti Allergy, Cotton, Waterproof

      Pillow Protectors are designed to protect pillows, and just like our mattress protectors they also add a layer of extra comfort. You will be amazed by how much longer your pillows will last when protected.

      Wash your pillow protectors regularly to help keep your pillows beautifully clean, inside and out. Our pillow protectors also add an extra layer of cushioning to your pillows for an extra touch of bedtime luxury. And if you love the feeling of a fresh, cool pillow then why not try our clever coolmax pillow protectors, for a fresher night's sleep.

      Protect your investment without compromising on comfort, or browse for new hotel pillows now. Matching mattress protectors are also available.

      Innovative Protectors Keep Pillows Fresher for Longer

      pillow protectors