What's the difference between Percale Vs Sateen?

Percale Vs Sateen Sheets

Percale and sateen are different because of how they are weaved. It's not about which one is better, just which one you prefer. Percale has a crisp matt finish and sateen a satin silky feel. 

What is Percale?
Percale is a classic one over one under plain tighter weave that creates crisp bed linen with more of a matte finish. To even be classed as percale the thread count has to be over 180TC and percale is perfect if you dont want a silky finish. Percale can be polycotton or cotton and wrinkles a little more than sateen.

Which of our ranges are Percale?
Easycare Polycotton 180TC
Classic Cotton 200TC
Egyptian Cotton 400TC

What is Sateen?
Sateen is weaved when the yarn is floated over a few rows at a time. A four over one under weave makes silky sheets with a glossy sheen. Sateen bedding is ideal is you are looking for softness over crispness.

Which of our ranges are Sateen?
Eucalyptus Silk 300TC
Hotel Satin Stripe 300TC
Supima Cotton 600TC
Ultimate Sateen 1000TC