emperor pillowcases

Emperor Pillowcases


      Emperor Pillowcases - 50 x 100cm (20 x 39")

      You wouldn’t want anything less for your fabulously royal sized emperor bed and you will fall asleep instantaneously on our luxurious Emperor Pillows & Emperor Pillowcases. 

      Our emperor 3ft 3" wide pillowcases measure 50 x 100cm (20 x 39"). Standard size pillows can look a little bit lost on a 200cm (6ft 6") wide Emperor bed, but the width of our emperor pillowcases is 100cm (3ft 3") and two emperor pillows / pillowcases side by side will fill the width of an Emperor bed 200cm (6ft 6").

      Emperor Pillows are available separately and we also have Emperor Pillow Protectors.

      • 3ft 3" Extra Wide Pillowcases
      • Emperor Pillowcases 50 x 100cm (20 x 39")
      • Two Fill the Width of an 6ft 6" (200cm)