Pima 100% Cotton Bedding - 450 Thread Count

Pima 100% Cotton Bedding - 450 Thread Count

Pima Cotton Bedding is long lasting, robust bedlinen that will give you years of lasting quality no matter how many times you use it. Super soft, cool and crisp Pima Cotton is considered to be one of the most superior grades of cotton available, being extremely durable.

Made with quality in mind, this Pima cotton fabric has been produced with no expense spared to produce a beautiful 450 thread count. Pima Cotton is the ultimate bedding luxury with enduring quality and comfort that becomes softer and silkier with every wash.

Pima is made from a yarn which has been combed to remove the rougher, shorter staples to produce a long fine, luxuriously smooth thread, even finer than percale.

  • High Quality Long Staple Pima Yarns
  • Premium 450 Thread Count
  • Luxury Cotton with Wonderful Softness
  • Extremely Durable
  • 100% Pima Cotton 
  • Sateen Yarns
  • Machine Washable at 40°C
  • Tumble Dryer Safe
  • Previously Exclusive to Harrods
  • Available in White, Cream, Platinum, Oyster or Walnut

100% Pima Cotton 450 Thread Count

100% Pima cotton is made from highly prized fibres that allow for a higher thread count.

Pima Cotton is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and often seen only in High class department stores for people who want the very best!

This high 450 thread count bed linen will not fail to impress, extremely durable, highly absorbent with a super soft feel and a sateen weave to give that lovely soft feel and sheen. 

Standard Size 50 x 75cm Pillowcases

Here we have our Standard Size Pillowcases 20 x 30" (50 x 75cm), but you can also find them available in nearly all of our bedlinen ranges.

Both the Housewife and Oxford Edge pillowcases are the same internal dimensions, but the Oxford has a wide stitched flat hem edge around the outside to create a border, so it looks alot bigger, but fits the same standard pillow.

Super King / Kingsize 50 x 90cm Pillowcases

Our 3ft long king pillowcases 50 x 90cm / 20 x 36" are sometimes referred to as kingsize pillowcases, super king pillowcases, super king size pillowcases, large pillowcases, extra long pillowcases or XL pillowcases.

The reason for the name Super King Pillowcases is that you can lay two side by side to fill the width of a super king size 6ft wide x 6ft 6" long bed and alot of customers now like to use them on the Emperor beds also.