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      Stain Resistant Bedding

      We want your bedding to be the centre of attention, but not in a bad way! Anti fake tan, anti make up, anti food & drink, even blood comes out first wash, the ultimate stain resistant bedding. High maintenance is a thing of the past with our all new high-tech synthetic fibre made from specially engineered 100% polyester fibre.

      Stain Reversing Fabric
      You may think luxury and polyester don't go together, but our amazing new fabric has peach skin soft comfort with the high tech ability to deal with stains. Our fibre has a 25% larger surface area than normal fabric, these fibres have a transport system that carries stains to the outer layer of the fibre, so no need to use whitening agents, softeners or conditioners. This modern fabric doesn't allow the stains to stay in the fibre when washing.
      Comfort Meets Innovation
      If all that wasn't enough, our bed linen is less absorbent so it doesn't take in stains and moisture like cotton and other natural fibres. Like no other fabric we know, it comes out of the washing machine almost dry and ready to put back on the bed the same day, it just needs a quick line dry or very quick low tumble.
      • Specially engineered 100% polyester fibre
      • Easy care, quick wash and quick dry
      • High-tech stain resistant fabric
      • Proudly Made In The UK
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      Real-Life Tested, Proven Performance

      For the past 18 months, our fabric has undergone rigorous testing by 22 women every night at a wellness hospitality retreat, catering to large groups celebrating hen parties and birthdays. The retreat owner is ecstatic about the luxurious feel and low maintenance of our bedding, which maintains a like-new appearance even with quick turnover.

      Unlike typical hospitality bedding, which demands extensive time, effort, and cost for cleaning and maintenance, our fabric is a true game-changer.

      We‚Äôve put our bed linen to the test and the results after just one standard 40¬įC wash are beyond impressive.