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Superior Flannelette Bedding


      Flannelette Bedding

      Not all flannelette bedding is made equal! Ours is crafted by the masters of flannelette production in Portugal. At 210gsm it is thicker, warmer and more durable than any brushed cotton you will find elsewhere.

      What makes our flannelette bedding better than ordinary brushed cotton?

      We start with the best organic cotton fabric, which is then brushed on both sides (unlike most). This extra love and care which goes into producing our Superior Luxury Flannelette Bedding range creates a warm yet breathable cocoon, sending you off into a deep, luxurious slumber. Perfect for cooler nights.

      Flannelette Bedding | Brushed Flannel Sheets | Flannelette Bed Linen | Flannel Sheets

      Flannelette bedding is smooth and soft to the touch. All sizes of flannelette flat sheets, flannelette fitted sheets, flannelette duvet covers and flannelette pillowcases. Shop flannel bedding here.
      • 100% BCI Sustainable Organic Cotton
      • Extra thick 210GSM (Grams per Square Metre)
      • Unbeatable warmth and comfort
      • Machine washable at 40°. Low tumble dry
      • Oeko-Tex® 100 World's Best Known For Testing
      • Made in GuimarĂŁes, Portugal, home of world class flannelette

      Oeko-Tex certified. A new benchmark in flannel bedding.

      Sleep easy, our organic cotton flannelette bedding is entirely free of harmful chemicals and synthetics. Flannel bedding is ideal for cooler nights. Sometimes referred to as Brushed Cotton, it is more popular than ever thanks to its softness and warmth.

      Keep your thermostat low and your bed cosy.