Boutique Hotel Touch Of Silk Bedding

Boutique Hotel Touch Of Silk Bedding


      Touch Of Silk Bedding

      Our long lasting sustainable range is supplied to the luxury hospitality sector. All our hotel quality bedding needs to look, feel and do good. For us, sustainability and luxury go hand in hand.

      Made in a Purpose Built, Award Winning, Sustainable Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Facility using 100% Renewable Energy.

      Boutique hotel silk offers a superior range that is luxurious yet practical, and will change the way you sleep and feel about all synthetic bedding. Filled with layers of hand-stitched, long strands of Mulberry silk. Our Hotel Boutique Silk range is ideal for those who want a luxurious hotel experience with the added indulgent properties of 10% pure silk. 

      • 100% Sustainable Cotton Casing
      • 90% Smartfil® Microfibre 10% Pure Silk
      • Hypo Allergenic
      • Superbly Light Weight
      • Regulates your Body Temperature
      • Wicks Moisture Away & Disperses It
      • Machine Washable 40°C
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