Super King / Kingsize Pillowcases

Super King | Kingsize Pillowcases


      Super King Size / Kingsize Pillowcases - 50 x 90cm (20 x 36")

      Here we have a selection of our super king / king size pillowcases. They should really always be called super king pillowcases 3ft (91cm) because in the UK two will fit across a super king size bed which measures 6ft (183cm) wide, but they are more often referred to as kingsize pillowcases.

      Our 50 x 90cm pillowcases are sometimes available as a housewife king size pillowcases (no border) or as oxford edge king size pillowcases (border attached around the outside), but the internal dimensions of the super king pillowcases are always the same 20 x 36" (50 x 90cm). The oxford edge pillowcases just visually look bigger because of the border. 

      • Housewife King Size Pillowcases
      • Oxford Edge Kingsize Pillowcases + Border

      Rest your head in comfort with one of our kingsize pillow cases, king size pillowcases. This large bed linen not only protects your pillow but helps you feel cosy throughout the night.