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Eucalyptus Silk Bed Linen


      Eucalyptus Silk Bed Linen

      Eucalyptus bed linen has a cool, silk-like feel and is highly breathable. It is naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria and offers the same hair and skin benefits as conventional silk. Best of all, Eucalyptus bedding gets softer with every wash, which is why we think its about to become your favourite.

      The finest of all Ethical Bedding, eucalyptus is a sustainable crop that is harvested and not cut down. What's more, it grows very quickly without the need for pesticides. The production process is environmentally responsible, utilising the very latest water saving closed-loop process which efficiently transforms wood pulp into cellulose fibres with very little environmental impact. 

      • 100% Eucalyptus Silk
      • More absorbent than cotton
      • Softer than silk, cooler than linen
      • Super Silky 300 single-ply thread count¬†
      • Satin weave to enhance silky feel
      • Mercerised for extra smoothness
      • 95% less water is used to make eucalyptus fabric
      • OEKO-TEX¬ģ Standard 100 certified
      • Free from harmful chemicals

      Not all eucalyptus silk bedding is the same!

      Almost all Eucalyptus bedding on the market is made from mixed or blended fibres! Often, the percentage of Eucalyptus fibres is so low, it scarcely deserves to be referred to as Eucalyptus! Most companies import their inferior "mixed fibre" low thread count product from the far east (China, Pakistan or India). Ours is made exclusively for Linen Cupboard by the masters of bed linen in Portugal and is certified 100% Eucalyptus, 300 thread count. Choose the best.

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