recycled ocean plastics

Recycled Ocean Plastics Bedding


      Ocean Blue is a range of luxuriously soft pillows and duvets filled with Plastic Bank approved fibres. Social Plastic® (a recycled, ocean-bound material) is fast becoming the obvious choice for bedding manufacturers aiming to adopt more sustainable, environmentally friendly production methods.

      Ocean & Beach Plastic.

      The Ocean Blue range gives great emphasis to our environment, helping to prevent the flow of plastic waste into our oceans in regions that don’t have formal or efficient recycling systems. A sophisticated, high-tech production process results in soft, fluffy, long-lasting duvets & pillows which keep their shape remarkably well.

      A sustainable alternative. 

      Produced only by licensed manufacturers, each product has a traceable uniquely numbered label. Ocean Blue products have also qualified for the EU Ecolabel. Handmade in Britain, the outer casing is a super soft 233 Thread Count cotton.

      Sleep comfortably whilst doing your bit to help the environment.

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