The Linen Lab | Laundry Sleep Testing

The Linen Lab | Laundry Sleep Testing


      The Softest Sheets - Tested By Experts

      At The Linen Cupboard, all our fabric undergoes rigorous testing before being crafted into bed sheets. However, we also conduct in-house and at-home testing to ensure our products meet real-life needs and expectations.

      Join Our Real-Life Home Testing Programme

      We value your input and invite you to participate in our home testing programme. There's nothing quite like feedback from customers about how our bedding feels, washes, and wears. We're offering free samples of our new and existing product ranges in exchange for your feedback.

      How to Participate:

      • If you don't receive an invite with your order, please call us at 01484 716282 or use our chatbot, available through Selena or Shelley, to request samples with your purchase.

      Please note that we do not send out samples separately.

      Testing Guidelines:

      • Serious Stains: Test the sheets against tough stains.
      • Washing: Wash the sheets at a slightly higher temperature and check the results.
      • Shrinkage and Fit: Assess any changes in size and fit after washing.
      • Pilling or Bobbling: Ensure there is no pilling or bobbling after use and washing.

      Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us maintain the high quality and comfort of our sheets. Thank you for your participation and support!

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      Real-Life Tested, Proven Performance

      For the past 18 months, our fabric has undergone rigorous testing by 22 women every night at a wellness hospitality retreat, catering to large groups celebrating hen parties and birthdays. The retreat owner is ecstatic about the luxurious feel and low maintenance of our bedding, which maintains a like-new appearance even with quick turnover.

      Unlike typical hospitality bedding, which demands extensive time, effort, and cost for cleaning and maintenance, our fabric is a true game-changer.

      We‚Äôve put our bed linen to the test and the results after just one standard 40¬įC wash are beyond impressive.