Bolster Pillows - Full bed width pillows

Bolster Pillows - Full bed width pillows

Bolster Pillows - Full bed width pillows

Our Bolster Pillows are full bed width lovely long pillows. Long Bolster Pillows are designed for Single beds 3ft wide, Metric Single beds 3ft 3" wide, Super Single beds 3ft 6" wide, Small Double beds 4ft wide, Double Beds at 4ft 6" wide, King Size beds 5ft wide and rSuper King size beds at 6ft wide.

Bolster pillows are often used as pregnancy and maternity pillows for support and comfort during sleep. They are more commonly called Body Pillows in recent years.

We also offer arrange of bolster pillowcases and bolster pillow protectors specifically designed to complement our bolster pillow range. 
  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Use as Body Pillows
  • 39", 42", 48", 54", 60" & 72" Wide

Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows are long pillows that run the full width of the bed and offer a luxurious way to support your head while sleeping.

Where a bolster pillow excels, is that because it runs the full width of you bed, it offers uniform comfort as you move around in your sleep.

The nights when your head dips in between the gaps of traditional pillows will be a distant memory. Some customers prefer bolster pillows simply because they look good.

Bolster Pillow Protectors

Why not protect against stains, give increased comfort and enhance the life of your Bolster Pillow with a Bolster Pillow Protector.