emperor duvet covers

Emperor Duvet Covers


      This is the official size duvet cover for all Emperor beds measuring 114 x 93" (290 x 235cm). We have a great range of luxury hotel Emperor duvet covers often only reserved for Hotel suites due to the larger Emperor beds.

      Our emperor duvet covers are designed to fit a 290cm x 235cm duvet. Choose from a variety of styles, fabrics and finishes to curate your perfect bedtime. Who wouldn't enjoy the sheer decadence of a big bed.  In most peoples opinion the bigger the better! 

      We have everything you need to dress your emperor bed in style. Emperor duvet covers measure 290 x 235cm (114 x 93in) and are ideal for both the sizes of Emperor Bed 6ft 6 x 6ft 6 and large Emperor 7ft x 7ft. 

      • Emperor Duvet Covers 114 x 93" (290 x 235cm)
      • Huge Size Luxury Duvet Covers
      • UK Recognised Emperor Size
      • Ideal for Emperor or Large Emperor Beds