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Front Sleeper Pillows


      Front Sleeper Pillows

      Front sleepers tend to benefit from a soft support pillow. If you sleep on your front with your arms around the pillow and head slightly tilted, pillows that are soft and shallow are the best pillows for you.

      A soft support pillow prevents your head from being tipped back whilst you sleep (a common cause of back pain). Sleeping on your front (with the wrong pillow) can cause neck strain, so it's important to ensure the neck and spine stay as neutral as possible.

      Stomach sleepers can find it difficult to find a pillow that’s suited to their sleeping style. However, although front sleeping is less than ideal (given the potential for back related aches and pains) for 1 in 5 people it is the only way they can nod off into a blissful sleep.

      If you switch between your front and your back when sleeping use two soft support pillows or a medium firm and a soft option. You can use both when on your back and discard one when on your front!

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