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Percale Bedding


      Why we love Easycare Percale bed linen.

      1. Quick wash. Cool wash (up to 40 degrees) on a quick cycle - 20 minutes and you're done!
      2. Fast dry.Whether you line dry or tumble, Percale dries up to 50% faster than other bedding.
      3. Forget the iron! Percale requires minimal ironing (if at all). The appealing handle and matt look make this non iron bedding highly crease-resistant.
      4. Fresh Feel 180tc Percale. Tightly woven yarns of cotton and polyester create a smooth percale weave with a crisp, fresh laundered feeling.
      5. Pet Friendly! They say we shouldn’t sleep in the same room as our pets. However, for pet parents who don't mind sharing, dog-proof bedding and dog hair-resistant sheets are a must! Percale can cope with being washed more frequently.

      Smooth laundered finish that gets softer with each wash.

      • Closely woven for a smooth finish
      • Crisp, fresh laundered feeling
      • 180 Thread Count 50% Cotton 50% Polyester
      • Non Iron / Crease Resistant Percale
      • Machine Wash at 40 (or economical cool wash)
      • Tumble or line dry in no time! 50% faster
      • Fitted Sheets Extra Deep 15" (38cm)
      • Duvet Covers, sheets and pillowcases

        One of the best Cotton/Polyester bed linen ranges available!
        Smoother handle than many higher thread count percales, combining the natural qualities of cotton and durability of polyester.

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        Protect Your Mattress & Bedding

        Extend the life of your mattress, duvet and pillows with our range of bedding protection.

        Luxury bedding is an investment in a good night's sleep. Mattress, duvet and pillow protectors keep your pillow clean and germ-free. They also add a layer of extra comfort whilst increasing the hypoallergenic properties of your bedding. Quick to launder, they can be washed, dried and returned to your bed in no time.