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Flat Sheets / Top Sheets


      Flat Sheets / Top Sheets

      Flat sheets are one of the most versatile items of bed linen you can own - no linen cupboard should be without them. For some, a crisp white bottom sheet with perfectly tucked “hospital corners” is the epitome of classic bedding. However, those in the know see the humble flat sheet (or Top Sheet) as so much more. A versatile (indeed, essential) item of bed linen which serves as a temperature regulating, wash-day-saving, stylish addition to your bed.

      Introducing the indispensable Top Sheet

      Pop one of our luxurious flat sheets (top sheets) under your duvet, leaving enough to fold over the top, and voila - you have the perfectly dressed bed. What’s more a Top Sheet protects the duvet cover, meaning fewer changes/washes.

      Regulate temperature with a Flat Sheet...

      The combination of a summer duvet, a quality duvet cover and a top sheet means you can stay warm when the temperature dips. And on warm nights, simply kick back the duvet and enjoy the fresh, free feeling of the top sheet on its own. Try it – you’ll love it!

      Below is a collection of our finest Flat Sheets, all made from premium fabrics which complement any bedding.