waterproof pillow protectors

Waterproof Pillow Protectors


      Waterproof pillow protectors sit between your pillow and pillowcase, adding an extra layer of comfort and protecting your pillow from dust mites, getting dirty and any liquids. Linen Cupboard range of pillow protectors are suitable for daily use at home as well as hotels and hospitals. With several types available including quilted, cotton and waterproof pillow protectors they are machine washable and can be used by all the family. Our waterproof pillow protector pairs are manufactured from polyurothane and a 100% cotton terry towelling top. Ideal for use with young children, they keep liquids, oils and perspiration from seeping into your pillows, keeping them clean and fresh.

      You won't even notice these soft, comfy and quiet pillow protectors on your pillows but you will notice that your pillows are no longer stained and will hardly ever need washing! Most Hotels, Holiday Lets use them, but you would never know. Easy to take on and off and easy to wash these waterproof pillow protectors offer superior protection against sweat and dribble. Quiet and discreet yet robust and durable, our waterproof pillow protectors are also breathable, promoting a more refreshing night's sleep. The ideal option for allergy and bed bug sufferers. Our pillow protectors also add an extra layer of cushioning to your pillow for an extra touch of bedtime luxury. And if you love the feeling of a fresh, cool pillow then why not try our clever cooling pillow protector, for a fresher night's sleep.

      Ultimate Pillow Protection

      • Protects Against Spillages & Stains
      • Enhances the Life of your Pillows
      • Gives Increased Comfort
      • Ideal for Allergy Sufferers
      • PAIRS (Two Pillow Protectors)
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