Bolster Pillow Protectors

Bolster Pillow Protector


      Bolster Pillow Protector

      Bolster pillows take quite a bruising; moisture from your head and breath, natural oils and facial creams can all work their way into your pillow. The result? It looks and feels less than lovely and creates the sort of home that mites and bacteria love. Fight back and let bolster pillow protector take the brunt.

      Wash your pillow protector regularly to help keep your pillow beautifully clean, inside and out. Our bolster pillow protectors also add an extra layer of cushioning to your pillow for an extra touch of bedtime luxury.

      • Available in Various Lengths
      • Protects Against Spillages and Stains
      • Enhances the Life of your Bolster / Body Pillows
      •  39", 42", 48", 54", 60" & 72" Wide
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