Ultra Deep Fitted Bed Sheets

Ultra Deep Fitted Bed Sheets


      Ultra Deep Fitted Sheets

      There's Deep 12" (30cm), Extra Deep 15" (38cm) and then there's ULTRA DEEP 18" (46cm)!

      A lot of customers who have bought high quality mattresses with a topper already attached are finding the mattress measure 14" (36cm) and even our extra deep 15" (38cm) fitted sheets are not deep enough. So whether you want to call them Really Deep, Super Deep or Mega Deep, here we have our ULTRA DEEP fitted sheets 18" (46cm) deep. Here at Linen Cupboard we are proud to present to you one of our bestselling items and a hot favourite with our customers, the superb quality ultra deep fitted sheets. Are you sick and tired of having late night scuffles with your bed sheets? Well you can say goodbye to all of that and put a stop to the ill fitting sheets with our ultra deep fitted sheets as they will stay tucked into your mattress.

      These ultra deep fitted sheets will be perfect for you if you have a deep mattress, depending on the depth of your mattress you can choose from our range of sizes which ever suits you. We advise buying 2 to 3 inches deeper than the depth of your mattress, because anything extra will just get tucked straight under. Department stores call 12" extra deep, but that's just standard at The Linen Cupboard!  Standard deep fitted sheets can be a struggle to fit over today’s 15in extra deep, super quality mattresses, let alone if you add one of our luxury bed toppers too. Our exclusively developed, ultra deep fitted sheets are made from in a variety of qualities fit easily into place with their huge 18in deep sides.

      Ultra Deep Fitted Bed Sheets | Ultra Deep Fitted Sheets

      Ultra deep fitted bed sheets in Egyptian cotton, Polycotton, & Brushed Cotton. Ultra deep fitted sheets - SHOP NOW!
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