extra large pillowcases

Extra Large Oversized Pillowcases


      Oversized Pillowcases 22 x 32" (56 x 81cm)

      These have to be one of our most in demand pillowcases! So many customers complain that they cannot fit their pillowcases on their pillows. Not only have pillows got bigger and better but pillowcases do shrink over time, with wash after wash! We do supply oversized pillows to complete that hotel look, but many of our customers simply need extra large pillowcases to allow for their pillows.

      Designed To Fit Large Pillows, Box Pillows & Plump Pillows

      Standard size Pillowcases measures 20 x 30" (50 x 75cm), but sometimes they are just not big enough for generous pillows. The answer is oversized extra large pillowcases made a little bit bigger, basically 2" longer and 2" wider 22" x 32" (56 x 81cm). These are not to be confused with King Pillows (20 x 36") which we also have, but Oversized Pillowcase are just cut a little larger.