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Mattress Protectors


      Mattress Protectors

      Mattress protectors offer numerous benefits that help extend the life of your mattress and improve sleep hygiene. Bedding essentials like mattress protectors and pillow protectors come in a variety of types and sizes. As the UK's favourite specialist bedding store, we stock them all.

      Choosing the right mattress protector

      • Our waterproof mattress protectors will keep your mattress fully water-tight, allowing no liquid to seep through. What's more, they are completely silent (no rustling sound). In fact, it is virtually impossible to tell the waterproof barrier is even there.
      • Our quilted mattress protectors are designed to protect your mattress from spillages and stains, however they also make your bed much warmer.

      Extend the life of your mattress

      • Protect your mattress
      • Delay the need to replace mattress
      • Soften the surface of your mattress
      • Standard & Specialist sizes

      Mattress protectors for every bed. Shop now!

      Mattress Protectors | Bed Protectors | Mattress Protection