Mattress Protectors - Quilted, Deep, Fleece, Waterproof, Specialist Sizes

Mattress Protectors - Quilted, Deep, Fleece, Waterproof, Specialist Sizes

Mattress Protectors are our speciality.  At Linen Cupboard we pride ourselves on offering an extremely wide range of mattress protectors and bedding protectors in all types and sizes.

Our bedding and mattress protector range includes everything from waterproof mattress protectors to luxury deep mattress protectors along with a huge selection of pillow protectors. A good quality mattress protector should be considered a bedding essential for every bed in your home and we stock them in nearly all our specialist sizes.

Covering your mattress with a protector not only keeps your mattress stain-free and well protected, but also draws moisture off you, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable all through the night

  • Protect Your Mattress
  • Delay the Need To Replace Mattress
  • Soften the Surface of Your Mattress

Whether you are looking for extra deep mattress protection, all cotton mattress protectors, a plush luxury mattress protector that you can just sink into, or a waterproof mattress protector, we can help.

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Essential Mattress Protectors

All of our mattress protectors will help protect and prolong the life of your mattress.

Mattress protectors are a great way of softening a mattress surface, making them more comfortable to sleep on.

Mattress protectors are a great practical way to protect your mattress and keep them feeling fresh and clean.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

All our waterproof protectors are hard to tell from the sleeping surface that they are waterproof.

Gone are the days of sleeping on a crisp packet or it becoming hot in bed. The terry towelling protectors have a polyurethane back which is completely waterproof, but soft breathable and rustle free.

The quilted waterproof have a PVC back, but the quilting makes it difficult to tell the PVC is there.

Fully Enclosed Mattress Covers

When you need to be 100% certain, choose these fully enclosed mattress protectors. They defend your mattress against dust mites, bed bugs and allergens and keeps your mattress dry and stain-free.

Thermal Mattress Protectors

All night warmth is created and retained from your own body heat. Our thermal mattress protectors will help to prolong the life of your mattress and also provide a practical alternative to a electric blanket.

The first option is Thermal Fleece Underblankets produced from 100% Polyester for exceptional warmth, extra comfort and protection. 

Our second option is high quality All Natural Pure Wool and Cotton extra deep protectors with naturally thermal qualities.

Duvet Protectors

We protect our pillows and mattresses, so why not our duvets as well.

Love your duvet but hate the thought of cleaning it. Worry no more. Slip it into one of these ingenious protectors and your duvet will stay super clean.

These cotton protectors will keep your duvet fresher for longer, avoid the need to wash the duvet and protect against all manner of accidents and spills. For total peace of mind choose the waterproof option.

Luxury For Less

We all love a bargain, but we don't want to buy cheap and buy twice. What we all want is luxury for less! Here we have just that! Luxurious bedding at affordable prices.

With all the uncertainty at the moment, retail in the country is quiet and manufacturers and importers are sat on alot of stock. Luckily we have access to some fantastic and unique offers.

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Essential Pillow Protectors

Our essential pillow protectors are designed to protect pillows, but also add a layer of extra comfort.

The protection keeps the pillow fresh and away from body oils, fluids and potential stains, preserving the life of the pillow, while offering extra comfort and support.

A pillow protector is used underneath a pillowcase.

Luxury Pillow Protectors

We have great value offers in pillow protection, we have great essential pillow protectors, but some customers only want the very best luxury options. 

Here we have the best synthetic options that offer amazing softness with ultimate practicality and then the very finest all cotton options.

Waterproof Pillow Protectors

Waterproof doesn't mean crinkly, sweaty or hot and uncomfortable! What waterproof pillow protection offers is ultimate protection, ultimate longevity, ultimate hygiene and ultimate anti allergy!

You will NOT notice that they are on your pillows or that they are waterproof, but what you will notice is how clean your pillows are when you wash the covers. Even if you suffer from terrible allergy reaction to feathers and downs, you could you use any pillow you like without any allergy symptoms with these protectors.

Most hotels, B & B's, holiday lets all use waterproof pillow protectors, you just didn't know it!

Super King / Kingsize 50 x 90cm Pillow Protectors

Our 3ft long king pillow protectors 50 x 90cm / 20 x 36" are sometimes referred to as kingsize pillow protectors, super king pillow protectors, super king size pillow protectors, large pillow protectors, extra long pillow protectors or XL pillow protectors.

The reason for the name Super King Pillows is that you can lay two side by side to fill the width of a super king size 6ft wide x 6ft 6" long bed and alot of customers now like to use them on the Emperor beds also.

Why not protect against stains, give increased comfort and enhance the life of your King Size Pillows with King Size Pillow Protectors.

Bolster Pillow Protectors

Why not protect against stains, give increased comfort and enhance the life of your Bolster Pillow with a Bolster Pillow Protector.

Continental Square 65 x 65cm Pillow Protectors

Why not protect against stains, give increased comfort and enhance the life of your Square Pillows with Square Pillow Protectors.