Zip & Link Duvets

Zip & Link Duvets


      Two Long Singles or One Super King

      Zip and link duvets are a versatile addition to any hotel's supplies or home bedding solution. Two Long Single duvets combine perfectly into one super king duvet. Zip and link duvets are guaranteed to give your business or home flexibility, use together or separately.

      Zip and link beds are becoming very popular as they can be used in two formats, either as two stand alone long single beds 3ft x 6ft 6" (90 x 200cm) or as a super king size bed 6ft x 6ft 6" (183 x 200cm). Zip and link duvets have been produced to fit the zip and link beds. Zip & link duvets are two long single duvets with zips which can be zipped together to make a super king size duvet. Zip & link duvets are space saving as there is no need to have to store either the two long single duvets or the one super king size duvet. Zip & link duvets are also money saving as there is no need to purchase a super king size duvet because the two singles zip together to make a super king size.

      The set consists of a pair of long single duvets giving 260 x 220cm zipped together, and as these are longer than a standard single, our long single duvet covers will fit perfectly. 

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      Unzip comfort, tailor-made for your sleep style
      Ideal for:

      • Guest Accommodations: Seamlessly configure beds as a spacious double or two singles to suit your guests‚Äô needs.
      • Hotels and B&Bs: Flexibility to cater to couples seeking a double bed or friends and family preferring twin beds.
      • Home Use: Perfect for evolving needs‚ÄĒwhether in children's rooms or multi-functional guest spaces.
      • Couples with Different Sleeping Preferences: Enjoy individual comfort with the option to share a larger bed whenever desired.