Synthetic Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29"

Synthetic Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29

Synthetic Pillows - Standard Size 48 x 74cm / 19 x 29"

We have many hypoallergenic pillows with synthetic fillings on offer here, including pillows filled with either hollowfibre, ball-fibre and microfibre which offer a great degree of support and some middle ground too.

Our Synthetic Pillows are incredibly comfortable, easy to care for a great alternative to natural feathers or down. 

If you want the softness of down in your pillow, but can't have natural down, our Luxury Synthetics feel like down and are a great anti allergy option. Fluffy and light, these pillow are a real bedtime treat. If you are particularly prone to allergies, our Synthetic Pillows are the specialist pillow for you. 

Microfibre is made from polyester and is a very fine fibre, which is almost as soft and silky as silk itself.

  • Washable at 40°C 
  • Anti Allergy / Non Allergenic
  • Ideal for Allergy Sufferers
  • 19 x 29" (48 x 74cm) 

Luxury For Less

We all love a bargain, but we don't want to buy cheap and buy twice. What we all want is luxury for less! Here we have just that! Luxurious bedding at affordable prices.

With all the uncertainty at the moment, retail in the country is quiet and manufacturers and importers are sat on alot of stock. Luckily we have access to some fantastic and unique offers.

Essential Synthetic Standard Size Pillows

Essential Synthetic Pillows are suitable for those who suffer with allergies, as the fillings used are naturally non-allergenic and we like to sell high quality at low prices.

Quality synthetic fillings have an enhanced internal hollowfibre structure, ensuring greater insulation and softness. All our Synthetic Pillows can be easily re-plumped to maintain their shape, and gently mould to the shape of your head whilst having the added advantage of being washable at home.

Oversized Pillows 22 x 32" (56 x 81cm)

Standard size Pillows measure 20 x 30" (50 x 75cm), but sometimes they are just not big enough for generous pillowcases.

The answer is an Extra Large / Oversized Pillow made a little bit bigger, basically 2" longer and 2" wider 22" x 32" (56 x 81cm).