king size duvet covers

King Size Duvet Covers


      You don't have to have a king size bed to have a king size duvet cover! Even if you have a double bed, a King size duvet cover provides plenty more room for two. It’s fabulous for getting a little extra duvet and that’s the secret to banishing duvet cover hogging, resulting in a happy, peaceful night for both of you…

      If you require a duvet / duvet cover for a Euro King Size bed 5ft 3" x 6ft 6" bed it is only 3" wider than a standard UK King Bed and the same length, so standard King size duvets / duvet covers will give you alot more options than trying to source specialist size duvets, etc.

      Our selection of King Duvet Cover are perfect for elevating the look of your room, investing in a thick Quilt will provide another layer of warmth.

      • Classic King Duvet Covers
      • 230 x 220cm (90 x 86")

      Each of the ranges below contains King Size Duvet Covers Options.