Gym Recovery Bedding | Post Workout Sleep

Gym Recovery Bedding | Post Workout Sleep


      Muscle Recovery Bedding

      The secret to giving your muscles time to recover from exercise is deeper, more comfortable sleep. Sleep is essential for muscle recovery, and sleep deprivation can impair muscle endurance and strength, delay muscle recovery, increase the risk of injury and reduce muscle growth.

      What is the best recovery from exercise?
      Water, protein shakes, compression clothing, diet, ice baths are all fantastic, but the number one way to recover is great quality sleep.

      What sleep stage is best for muscle recovery?
      NREM is the sweet spot of sleep, during this deep stage the body repairs and regrows tissues, builds bones and muscle, and strengthens the immune system.

      What is our Soft Flex Recovery bedding?
      Soft flex is a high tech microfibre with a unique bounce back filling, which moulds magically to you head, neck and body. Soft flex is even certified by the German AGR (campaign for healthier backs). No matter what you do to this bedding, the soft spingy fibre bounce's back to it's original shape.

      Faster Recovery & Better Sleep