Athlete Recovery Bed Linen | Bioceramic Fabric

Athlete Recovery Bed Linen | Bioceramic Fabric


      Soft bioceramic fibre takes your body heat infrared energy and reflects it back to you whilst you sleep, improving blood flow to your muscles making them relax, so you recover faster.

      What is FIR - Far Infrared Rays?
      Is a type of light energy on the electromagnetic spectrum that has several benefits for the body. These Far-Infrared light waves heat your body directly and can transfer energy purely in the form of heat to reach deeper layers of your body tissue.

      Faster Recovery & Better Sleep 

      What is Bioceramic fibre?
      It is a permanent fibre and because of its particular structure, it maintains a constant effectiveness over time, even after multiple washing.

      FIR & Bioceramic together
      Thanks to the action of bioceramic, your body heat is absorbed by the yarn and then returned back to the body in the form of FIR rays able to penetrate the subcutaneous layers and to stimulate the microcirculatory system, strengthening the metabolism.


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