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British Made Bedding


      British made bedding, sustainable and earth friendly British made pillow, duvets, mattress toppers and protectors. Here at the Linen Cupboard we are proud to say more than 80% of the products we sell are sourced in the UK. Our mission is to help you sleep better whilst protecting our planet! 

      Products That Are Both Ethical & British made

      Our roots are in textile manufacturing, and we’ve never lost touch with the skills associated with creating beautiful bedding. Obsessed With The Details, we work hand-in-hand with the makers in creating unique, premium quality bedding essentials that can't be found anywhere else.

      Its important to us at the Linen Cupboard to say ‘This Product Is Made In Britain’

      • A traditional operating weaving mill in Manchester, the heart of UK textile manufacturing this state of the art hemming unit is something we are proud to partner with.
      • Specialist British Manufacturing facility that produces the best filled products in the UK
      • Birmingham is home to our Bedding protection partners. They have been at the forefront of bedding protections for years. 

      Sustainability & Investing in the Future

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