1000 Thread Count Cotton Fitted Sheets | 1000tc Cotton Fitted Sheet | Genuine 1000TC Cotton Fitted Sheets by Linen Cupboard
1000 Thread Count Cotton Fitted Sheets | 1000tc Cotton Fitted Sheet | Genuine 1000TC Cotton Fitted Sheets by Linen Cupboard
1000tc Sateen Fitted Sheet | Better than Egyptian Cotton bedding
Ultimate Sateen 1000TC Fitted Sheet
1000tc Sateen Fitted Sheet | Better than Egyptian Cotton bedding
Ultimate Sateen 1000TC Fitted Sheet

Ultimate Sateen 1000TC Fitted Sheet

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1000 Thread Count Fitted Sheet

As you would expect, we love matching bedding here at Linen Cupboard. However, we think you will agree there is no better fitted sheet than our Ultimate Sateen 1000 thread count! Smoother than even the finest Egyptian Cotton, and made extra deep to achieve a perfect fit, we think this luxurious and durable staple will become your new go-to fitted sheet.

Made from single ply long-staple cotton, this is about to become the best fitted sheet you will ever sleep on.

  • 100% Cotton Sateen
  • 1000 Thread Count
  • Genuine Single Ply
  • 100% BCI Sustainable
  • Better Cotton Initiative
  • Fully Elasticated Fitted Sheet
  • Extra Deep 38cm (15")
  • Machine Washable at 40°C
  • Low Tumble Dry Safe
  • Small Batch Exclusive
  • Made in Guimarães, Portugal
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified
    • Single 54 x 78" (135 x 200cm)
    • Long Single 54 x 86" (135 x 220cm)
    • Small Double 67 x 86" (170 x 220cm)
    • Double 78 x 78" (200 x 200cm)
    • King 90 x 86" (230 x 220cm)
    • Super King 102 x 86" (260 x 220cm)
    • Emperor 114 x 93" (290 x 235cm)


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    • Machine washable at 40°
    • Low Tumble Dry

    Avoid contamination - bed linen looks better and lasts longer when washed separately. Washing sheets with items of clothing is the N°1 cause of bobbling. This is especially noticeable when the other items in the wash are darker colours or made from different fabrics. Zippers, buttons and other rough materials cause friction during the wash and the resulting abrasion leads to pilling.

    Why Ours Is The Best!

    Crafted with 100% BCI Sustainable cotton sourced directly from Portugal. Unlike other brands that dilute their cottons with blends or source from the Far East, we take pride in delivering unparalleled quality with our authentic Portuguese 100% Cotton.

    Crafted from Genuine Single Ply BCI Sustainable cotton. Unlike other brands that often mix fibers, our bedding boasts pure authenticity, providing unparalleled quality and comfort.

    Why opt for a 1000 thread count? The higher thread count translates to a denser weave, resulting in a luxuriously smooth and durable fabric. This ensures a sumptuously soft feel against your skin, offering an indulgent sleep experience night after night.

    What's BCI Cotton? What sets our bedding apart is not just the thread count, but also the use of Genuine Single Ply BCI Sustainable cotton. BCI, or Better Cotton Initiative, is a globally recognized program committed to promoting sustainable cotton production practices. This means that our cotton is sourced ethically and responsibly, supporting farmers and protecting the environment.

    What's Genuine Single Ply? Our Ultimate sateen bedding is crafted using genuine single ply yarns. Unlike multi-ply alternatives found in many other products, single ply yarns are spun from a single strand of cotton fiber. This results in a smoother, more breathable fabric with a finer texture. Single ply bedding is also less prone to pilling and maintains its integrity wash after wash, ensuring long-lasting quality and comfort.

    In essence, our 1000 thread count Genuine Single Ply BCI Sustainable cotton bedding offers the perfect combination of luxury, sustainability, and durability, providing you with a truly exceptional sleep experience while making a positive impact on the environment.

    Truly The Best Of The Best
    Why Is Cotton So Good?

    The Ideal Choice for Sensitive Skin

    For those with sensitive skin, choosing the right fabric is paramount. Cotton emerges as a top contender due to its hypoallergenic properties, offering a gentle touch that synthetic fibers simply can't match. Whether you're prone to allergies or not, cotton's natural composition provides peace of mind, eliminating concerns about skin irritation.

    Experience Better Sleep with Cotton

    Investing in quality cotton sheets isn't just a luxury—it's a smart choice for improving sleep quality. Scientifically proven to enhance sleep, cotton's breathability sets it apart from synthetic alternatives like polyester. By allowing air to circulate, cotton prevents heat from becoming trapped under the covers, ensuring a cool and comfortable night's rest.

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