Head & Neck Recovery Pillows
Head & Neck Recovery Pillows
Head & Neck Recovery Pillows
Head & Neck Recovery Pillows
Head & Neck Recovery Pillows
Head & Neck Recovery Pillows
Head & Neck Recovery Pillows
Head & Neck Recovery Pillows
Head & Neck Support Pillow

Head & Neck Recovery Pillows

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Head & Neck Recovery Pillows

Eliminates neck and upper back pain and stiffness by correcting your posture while you sleep. Effective neck pain relief with results from night one. Reduces headaches and shoulder pain by properly supporting your spine. Get a better night's sleep – and wake up refreshed.

Treat your head and neck to the ultimate wellness retreat that has been developed for sleep healthcare by Osteopaths and is UK Osteopath Approved.

The walled-side design ensures head, neck and shoulder alignment to reduce the effects of a poor sleeping position. A smooth breathable 100% cotton fabric creates a soft, breathable outer with anti-allergy treated fibres swaddled inside to protect against bacteria.

These pillows are slightly smaller than a traditional standard size pillow, but still fit into standard size pillowcases. Because of the deep sides they have to be made smaller.

Firm support with deeper than normal side, ideal for those who sleep on their side or for those who prefer a fuller deep pillow. They are also finished with attractive coloured piping and double stitching for that extra touch of style.

Drift into Deep, Restorative Sleep Pillows 

  • Ethically Sourced, Made & Eco Friendly
  • Soft Flex Recovery Filling
  • Super Deep Baffle Box
  • 15cm Depth Construction
  • 100% Pure Cotton Casing
  • 233 Thread Count
  • Piped and Double Stitched Edge Finish
  • Machine Washable 40 Degrees
  • Proudly Made in Britain
  • You will receive Two Pillows (PAIR)
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 
  • Standard 20 x 30" (50 x 76cm)
  • Kingsize | Super King 20 x 36" (50 x 90cm)
  • Oversized 22 x 32" (56 x 81cm)
  • Square 26 x 26" (65 x 65cm)
  • Emperor 20 x 39" (50 x 100cm)
  • Large Emperor 20 x 42" (50 x 107cm)
  • Small Double 20 x 48" (50 x 122cm)

As you would imagine, our made-to-order bedding takes a little longer to dispatch. But don’t worry, we set to work the minute you place your order and aim to have you all tucked up in your new bedding within 7 working days. As soon as your pillows is ready we will send it next day delivery! We guarantee it’s worth the wait.

Mattress Protectors | Linen Cupboard Yorkshire

Protect Your New Pillows

Pillows are an investment in a good night's sleep. When you find the one that's just right for you, you will want to look after it.

5 Reasons To Use Pillow Protectors

  1. Pillow Protectors keep your pillow clean and germ-free.
  2. They extend the life of your pillow.
  3. Like mattress protectors they also add a layer of extra comfort.
  4. They increase the hypoallergenic properties of your pillow.
  5. They can be washed, dried and returned to your pillow in no time.

Protect your new pillows

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