super king size bedding

Super King Size Bedding


      Super King 6ft x 6ft 6" (183 x 200cm)

      The UK Super King Size bed measures 6ft wide x 6ft 6in long / 183 x 200cm (72 x 79"). This size is Ikea's largest bed size and Harrods sometimes refer to this size as King, but really it is always known as Super King. In the UK two Long Single beds 3ft x 6ft 6" (91 x 200cm) are popular side by side to make a Super King bed 6ft x 6ft 6". 

      In Europe the super king is known as a Euro Grande King and in America it is referred to as an RV King, but it is the same size as our super king 6ft wide x 6ft 6" long. Always best to measure your bed rather than rely on a name.

      A great pillow size is super king pillows which measure 50 x 90cm (3ft wide) and two of these pillows fill the width of a 6ft super king size bed. This size is hugely popular in America but always called a king size pillow in the US.

      We also stock super king bolsters which run the full 6ft width of the super king bed.

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