Split Corner Valances


      Iron Bedsteads & Four Poster Beds

      Our Polycotton Iron Bed Split base valances look like a regular box pleated base valance, but have the split concealed in the box pleat and can be used on a regular bed if you just wish to lift one side up to open drawers for example.

      Iron bedsteads come in a variety of designs, the only problem comes when you need a valance to fit over them. Our split valances are ideal for iron bedsteads and some four poster beds. 

      The corner poles of iron bedsteads make it impossible to fit a standard base valance and end up making the bed look messy. To get round this problem, the corners at the foot of the bed are made with a break in the pleat so they can hang properly and not get caught up in your bed legs.

      • Split Corners Valance Drop 16" (41cm)
      • Made from 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
      • Machine Wash at 40 Degrees & Tumble Dry
      • Proudly Made in the UK
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