Split Cornered Bed Valances

Split Cornered Bed Valances

Our Polycotton Iron Bed Split base valances look like a regular box pleated base valance, but have the split concealed in the box pleat and can be used on a regular bed if you just wish to lift one side up to open drawers for example.

Iron bedsteads come in a variety of designs, the only problem comes when you need a valance to fit over them. Our split valances are ideal for iron bedsteads and some four poster beds. 

The corner poles of iron bedsteads make it impossible to fit a standard base valance and end up making the bed look messy. To get round this problem, the corners at the foot of the bed are made with a break in the pleat so they can hang properly and not get caught up in your bed legs.

  • Available in White or Light Cream
  • Split Corners
  • Valance Drop 16" (41cm)
  • Made from 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
  • Machine Wash at 40 Degrees
  • Tumble Dry
  • Proudly Made in the UK

Split Corner Valances

Our Split Corner base valances are split on the corner of the pleats which allows you to turn any side under the mattress or will allow for a bed frame / iron bed legs. They are designed to go underneath the mattress and down to the floor.

Proudly Made in England.