Special Offer Super King / Kingsize Pillows - 50 x 90cm (20 x 36")

Special Offer Super King / Kingsize Pillows - 50 x 90cm (20 x 36

Clearance Super King / Kingsize Pillow PAIR - 50 x 90cm (20 x 36")

Super King Pillows or King Size 3ft Pillows measure 20 x 36 inches (50 x 90cm). They are originally an American size pillow that is now extremely popular in the UK. 

If you have a King, Superking or Emperor size bed then you’ll need big pillows (at least as the bottom layer) so that there isn’t a gap between them when you make the bed. Standard pillows sort of float in the space at the top of larger beds, where super king pillows fit perfectly.

They should really always be called Super King Size Pillows because in the UK two of these 3ft pillows will fit across a Super King Size Bed which measures 6ft (183cm) wide, but they are more commonly called Kingsize Pillows.

At the moment in the UK this size pillow has a few different names King Pillows / Kingsize Pillows, Super King / Superking Size Pillows, Large Pillows / XL Pillows, Extra Wide Pillows & Extra Long Pillows.

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