Euro Small Single Bedding | 80 x 200cm

Euro Small Single Bedding | 80 x 200cm


      European small singles are a popular bed size supplied by IKEA and other European based home decor stores. It is slightly larger than a small single but not as wide as a UK standard 3ft single.

      A Euro Small Single bed also known as a Day Bed measures 2ft 7.5in wide by 6ft 6in long / 80 x 200cm (31.5" x 79")

      This is an Ikea European size and when two of these 80 x 200cm beds are put together side by side, they make the Euro King 160 x 200cm another Ikea size.

      • 80 x 200cm fitted sheets, 
      • 80 x 200cm mattress protectors 
      • 80 x 200cm waterproof mattress protectors

      Below is a full list of our Euro Small Single 80 x 200 bedding.

      Euro Small Single Bed