Deep Fitted Sheets - 12" / 30cm

Deep Fitted Sheets - 12

Deep Fitted Sheets

Due to mattresses getting deeper and deeper, the adding of mattress toppers and memory foam, mattresses need deeper fitted sheets and we have lots of different quality deep fitted sheets.

It's best to buy your fitted sheets at least 2 - 3" (7cm) deeper than the depth of your mattress and it's no problem to put a 12" (30cm) fitted sheet on an 8" (20cm) mattress for example. The deeper the better!

    Many department stores and online retailers class a fitted sheet with a 12" (30cm) depth as an extra deep, but our extra deep bed sheets are 15" (38cm) and ultra deep 18" (46cm). Sheets come off when they are not deep enough, not because they are too deep.

    If you need Extra Deep or even Ultra Deep please click on the links below.

    100% Cotton Percale Bedding

    This is our luxury hotel quality classic crisp 200 thread count 100% Cotton Percale.

    Cotton Percale has the best of both worlds, durable yet smooth and we proudly use it to make most of our specialist size bed sheets here in the UK.

    100% Egyptian Cotton Percale 200 Thread Count

    This is a wonderful range of 200 thread count luxury Egyptian Cotton Percale. This bed linen range comes with an easy care finish which helps with ironing and will help you to look after your Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen for years to come. 

    Our Essential Egyptian Cotton is our usual superior quality at an excellent price. Made from crisp 200-thread-count cotton percale, this bed linen range includes duvet covers, pillow cases and valances, as well as flat, deep, extra deep and ultra deep fitted sheets.