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We all want that hotel experience at home and part of that luxury is a big bed. We have available 2 different Emperor bedding sizes, so it's always best to measure the bed and go by the size not the name. We provide for the Emperor beds what we do best, long lasting luxury products for the hotel experience without the made to measure price tags.

EMPEROR 6ft 6" x 6ft 6" (200 x 200cm)
This size is the most popular of the Emperor sizes, but it is sometime called Large Super King.

LARGE EMPEROR 7ft x 7ft (215 x 215cm)
This is the daddy of all the Emperors sizes and sometimes just referred to as Emperor.

Once you know your Emperor size you can get your fitted sheet and mattress protector correctly sized. We have Emperor 3ft 3" wide pillows & Large Emperor 3ft 6" pillows which can fill the full width of the bed, but many customers are using the King / Superking 3ft Pillows. If you have a Large Emperor 7ft bed then three standard UK pillows will fit across the width.

We stock Emperor duvets which is a one size 114 x 93" (290 x 235cm) duvet / duvet cover ideal for the three sizes of Emperor Beds and now a Nationally established size of duvet. Alot of customers like to use Super King duvets 102 x 86" (260 x 220cm) on the Emperor beds, but they are a bit skimpy on the Large Emperor bed.

When it comes to using a top sheet / flat sheet we have huge Emperor Flats 140" x 116" (355 x 295cm) available, but again some customer like to use the very generous Super King size 120 x 106" (305 x 269cm) as they are 10ft wide.