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Understanding Duvet Togs

A duvet’s tog rating indicates the amount of warmth it provides; the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet.

Tog is not a scientific term or an abbreviation. The word comes from the common slang for clothes: ‘togs’! When buying a duvet, tog shouldn’t be considered in isolation. You should also consider how warm your bedroom is on average, as this will have an impact on how warm you feel once you get in to bed. The same applies if you share your bed, as a second person will greatly increase the warmth generated.

An adult winter duvet is usually between 10.5 (the most popular option) and 13.5 tog and a summer duvet around 4.5 tog or 6 tog. It is recommended that quilts for babies and young children above 1 year should be no more than 4.5 tog.

If you share a bed with your partner, it can often be difficult to agree on a tog level- you may get too cold during the night whilst your partner may get too hot. Our Perfect Balance™ range offers a solution to this problem, as its unique Lysoft® technology helps to regulate your temperature to its optimum during sleep.

Choosing the right Duvet filling

Buying a duvet, but confused about which filling to choose? Read our guide below to see which filling would be best for you.

Luxury Synthetic Duvet Fillings

Non-allergenic and more easily washable, synthetic products make a practical alternative to those who are sensitive to natural fillings or suffer from allergies. Most of our hollowfibre, polyester and microfibre blends use advanced fibre technology. This means that our synthetic range of duvets and is lighter, more breathable and softer than ever, mimicking the properties of natural down.

Hollowfibre – these fibres have been specially constructed to have a hole running through the middle, helping to trap air and therefore insulates more effectively than a solid fibre. The hollowfibre shape is also harder to bend, so provides structure and loft in a duvet.

Polyester – is derived from oil-based products and is a common filling in duvets. Polyester is non-allergenic, provides good warmth and is an affordable choice.

Microfibre – Very fine fibres, and naturally non-allergenic. Microfibre fillings are extremely warm, soft and light, and are often used in high performance sportswear to provide warmth without weight.

Luxury Natural Duvet Fillings

Natural fillings tend to have excellent thermal and insulation properties, in addition to being naturally breathable. Each natural-filled duvet has its own Fill Power Rating, which is a measure of the quality of feather and down. The higher the fill power, the better the duvet.

Down Duvet Fillings

The lightest of all natural fillings is down which comes from the breast of a bird and has a unique ability to trap air making it exceptionally light. It is also luxurious, soft and fluffy as it doesn’t contain feather quills.

Feather Duvet Fillings

Feather filled products generally have a heavier weight than down, as feathers contain small quills. If you want a pillow with good support, or a heavier duvet for that ‘tucked-in’ feeling, a feather filling would be the best option.

Allergy Information

Although the next piece of sleep advice might make you think twice when your head hits the pillow tonight, it may help you to enjoy countless hours of peaceful sleep in the long run.

Over a third of your life is spent in bed, so if you don’t want to spend this time snuggling up to dustmites or dreading what be lurking in your duvet, try following some of my dust-mite busting tips:

Choose a good quality duvet that can be washed regularly at 60°C.

Synthetic duvets are a must if feather allergies are a problem. Silk and wool filled duvets are also a great hypoallergenic alternative to feather products.

Allergy sufferers will benefit from choosing anti-allergy bedding, which has been specially designed to reduce allergy symptoms effectively, resulting in a better nights' sleep.

To keep dustmites at bay, put washable duvets in the machine once or twice per year. So although putting a clean duvet cover on your duvet may make it look and smell fresh, all you are doing is wrapping up something really nasty underneath.